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Coated meaning eye-popping crispness so sharp that you should probably supply sunnies to the reader as they may be blinded by the brilliance of your printed piece.

Coated stocks provide great print clarity — excellent for images or material where quality is the main objective. Coated stock families usually come in a choice of gloss, mid-sheen satin and/or no sheen matt with a mix of eco ratings and high-whiteness. There are also coloured and metallic options. Thicknesses range from very thin paper best suited to document pages through to lightweight cards suited to covers, postcards or anything that needs to have a bit of substance.


Uncoated as in — touch that surface, feel how tactile it is, see how natural it looks. This is feel good paper at its best.

Uncoated stocks tend to give a more natural, flatter look. Great for anything that needs a touch of cool. All uncoated stocks have a non-sheen matt finish with varying degrees of mid-whites and off-whites.


For seriously heavy duty work!

The Board Series provides both one and two sided options for anything that needs a bit of substance — from general and food grade packaging through to document cover grades and stocks suitable for direct mail. If it's card your looking for this is the place to start.

Self Adhesive

Looking for a stock that'll stick around? A stock with a few permanent hang-ups? Perhaps you have a project that will come to a sticky end? We're stuck with what else to say…

The Self Adhesive Series covers so many options from permanent or removable stick, gloss, matt, coloured and transparent finishes, even adhesive stocks suitable for freezer conditions. If it's sticky — it's here.


When we say specialty we mean stocks that are destined for special things.

Our Specialty Series is just that - special. From stunning, highest grade papers to metallics, if it needs to stand out and make people go ‘ooh…’ and ‘ahh…’ then this is the right place to be.


Creating a form or document where you need the user to make a duplicate transfer of information onto an underlying second sheet?

Carbonless or NCR (No Carbon Required) paper is used for forms or documents where you want to create a copy or imprint of the top sheet information onto one or more secondary sheets — in the same manner as old fashioned carbon paper. The key difference with carbonless paper is that it uses a technology that allows this process to happen without the need for unsightly carbon paper. The Carbonless Series has options for various thicknesses.


Synthetic stocks are non-wood based papers that are super durable, super strong and either resistant or totally waterproof. There are a variety of thicknesses from paper thin through to heavyweight and even semi-transparent for backlit signs!

These are the types of stocks that say 'you lookin' at me?' Super strong, super tough and much better in the drink than regular nancy-pancy paper.


Do you have some Krafty ideas you’d like to express? If so, this is where you can unleash them. Kraft, as in - brown, earthy, tactile and raw. We have lightweight, mid-weight, heavyweight and Premium options to choose from, now all that’s needed is your creativity.

Dry Toner Process

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